Sorry Charlie, you are not “Winning!”

I am so over Charlie Sheen and “winning!” It’s a catch phrase that everyone seems to be using and it’s already old and annoying. God, help me even my daughter is using it. It’s all over Twitter and Facebook. People want to be funny but it just comes off as so annoying.

The sad state is that Charlie Sheen is not winning. What career he had is now being flushed down the toilet with the rest of the vomit he spews out on his drug binges. Now I am not a mental health professional, but from the interviews I have seen, that man has some serious psychological issues. He seems to blame everyone else for his failures. His ego is out of control. Sorry, Charlie, you are just not that hot or that smart. You are now just a washed up actor that is one drug binge from being six feet under.

I feel so sorry for Sheen’s family and children. How he is still able to see his children is beyond me? No child should be subjected to the craziness that surrounds Sheen. His family really can’t do much but sit back and watch the three-ring circus that is Charlie Sheen’s life. They can try to help him but you can’t help a man who thinks he is so much better than anyone else and that there is nothing wrong with him. I hope Denise Richards is able to get the kids away from him and shelter them from the public downfall of their father.

I really hope that Charlie Sheen gets the help he needs before he hurts someone or himself. It would be a “winning” situation for all.

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