The No-Fun-League

The No-Fun-League has locked out the players and it’s looking more and more likely that we will not see NFL games this fall. It’s a real sad state of affairs. I love football. I love everything about football. I look forward to the draft every April and then start the countdown till training camp. I grew up in San Jose and was a 49ers fan. Notice the past tense. I still follow the 49ers but my love for them died when Eddie D was forced out and the York’s made a mockery of the team. My father was a huge 9ers fan. He actually went to games when they played at Kezar. My father and I have never been close but football was the one language that we could both speak to each other. I now know that I became a fan of the game because it was the only real way that my father and I could ever have a relationship. So for that I thank him.

Now the owners and players may deny me my fall past-time. I am trying very hard to understand the key issues for the two sides but it really comes down to billionaires vs. millionaires. I can’t relate. I will never have that kind of money. $20 million salary to play a game must be nice. One of the key issues is that the players want to see the financials of the teams for the past 10 years to really see what the owners are making. The owners of course said no. I don’t blame them. Minus the Green Bay Packers who are actually owned by the public, these are private companies. This would be like the employees of Facebook asking Mark Zuckerberg to account for every penny for the past 10 years. Facebook is a private company and they don’t have to disclose the financials of the company to the public. The owners of NFL teams have the same right. Though I do agree with the players, I would like to know how the owners are crying poor when they are making billions in revenue from tickets to merchandise to TV rights.

Speaking of ticket prices, the owners need to wise up on that. They have priced out most families from ever experiencing a game live. Cheapest seats for a game average about $60 a ticket. You then have to factor in parking ($25), food and you are looking to drop about $350 just to go to one game. I don’t know about you, but I can’t justify paying that much when I can watch the game at home for free (unless it’s a Raiders game which is always blacked out.) Plus going to a game is no longer a safe place for a family with kids. Candlestick is a pit. They place is rusting and falling apart and it’s a joke that the 49ers play there. It’s cold and difficult to get to, not something I want to drag my family too. Raiders games, forget about it. No family in their right mind should take kids to see a Raiders game. There is fighting, drunk people and beer being thrown and that’s just in the parking lot. If owners want to continue to make the billions they are making, they need to start making it affordable and more family friendly to go to a game.

So I will sit and wait and hope that there will be an NFL season. I will at least have college football. Go Dogs!!!

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  • Tom  On March 14, 2011 at 10:07 pm

    Mike Fomil said it best, “All I know is no NFL player ever tried to charge me eight bucks for a hot dog.”

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