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On the hunt…

After taking some months off and dipping into the savings account, I have started to look for work again. It’s not going to be easy. I have been voluntarily out of work for almost a year. I loved not working. I finally got to bond with my daughter. Something I barely had time for when I was working 50 hours a week. My family as a whole is in a much better place but it’s time for Mommy to go back to work. Besides needing the money, I need to feel like I can contribute again. Doing stuff for my family is great and rewarding but there is something about doing the same thing at a job.

I really enjoyed being a journalist but did not like the journalist lifestyle. There is nothing better than breaking news, but as you know, breaking news happens 24/7 which means you are on call 24/7. I didn’t mind it at first but once I had a child it changed. I don’t want to explain to my daughter that I could not make her softball game because there was a triple homicide in Oakland that I had to stay at work for. Not great dinnertime conversation. When speaking to “up and coming journalists,” I tell them that being in journalism isn’t a job or career, but a lifestyle. You have to be willing to work odd hours, weekends and nights for little pay. Your family will never understand why you miss every holiday to work but it’s the nature of the business. It seems that I hit 35 and my love for the business was being trumped by my love for my family. Once I put my family first over my job, it was over for me in journalism. I am finding I am OK with that decision.

Now what do I do next. The logical place for me to go is PR. I did venture into PR back in the height of the dot-com craze. I did enjoy it and being able to work on a wide variety of clients. I think PR has changed since I was last working in it. When there were massive layoffs in journalism a couple of years back, lots of former journalist went into PR. Some succeeded while many others failed. I think many agencies are reluctant to hire a former journalist since they may have not had much success when they have done it in the past. It’s understandable. Journalists many times feel that PR is the dark side and don’t think very highly of PR people. Then they go into PR thinking they can do it so much better than everyone else and find out it’s a lot harder than it looks. So I am left in the quandary of applying for PR jobs and trying to convince an agency to take another chance on a former journalist.

I am not just applying for PR jobs. Being an assignment editor for so long, I know that I could make one heck of an administrative assistant. It’s almost exactly what I do as an assignment editor, minus the blaring police scanners and breaking news. It will be a big leap for a company but you never know.

The biggest hurdle for me is to convince someone to give a chance in a somewhat entry level position. If you look at my resume, I have over 20 years of experience. I think it scares some potential employers off. I might become bored in an entry level position. That is so not true. I want to start from the bottom and learn and work my way up. I have been doing TV news for so long that I need to learn something else.

So I am now updating my resume and trolling Craigslist, Indeed and LinkedIn hoping the right job will come along. So don’t be alarmed if my resume comes across your desk real soon. Take a chance and see what a former journalist has in her bag of tricks.


Where the hell I have been…

I stopped blogging a while back. Don’t exactly know why. Boredom, not finding the time or maybe the negative feedback I got from some so called friends about my “Facebook Friends” post. Whatever the reason, I really haven’t had much to say. I know me not having much to say is hard to believe but I really didn’t.
So what have I been doing with myself for the past few months? Well, first, I started to get my fat butt back into shape. I had a stern lecture from a doctor about my really high blood pressure (15/100) and being obese. Yes, I said it, I am obese. It wasn’t an easy thing for me to admit. In high school and college, I was the skinny girl all girls hated. I could eat whatever I wanted and not gain an ounce. Well, I hit 30, then had a kid at 36 and really stopped thinking about my body at all. I gained over 100 pounds! 100 Pounds!!!!! I weighed that in high school and now I was two times that weight, Ugh! I was a size 18 and had to settle for the clothes at Layne Bryant or what I could find in the Women’s section. I finally had enough. I didn’t want to be fat and I sure in hell didn’t want to die because my weight.
I got off the couch and first joined the YMCA. Due to my limitations with my bad ankle, I need to be in the pool. The Y was one of the few places that had an indoor pool. So I put my fat ass in a bathing suit (boy was that fun) and started taking water aerobics. After a couple of weeks of that, I lost four pounds. Next, I realized I needed to change the way I eat. So off to Weight Watchers. I did Weight Watchers around the time I got married without much luck. Thanks to technology, it is much easier to follow this time around.
Since October I have lost about 23 pounds. To my surprise, it was easier than I thought but I am also not working so I have the time to get to the gym. I have dropped about two dress sizes and now can buy some clothes in regular department stores. Trust me, if you have never shopped in plus sizes, there is not much of a selection. Most of it looks like it belongs on your grandma. So it’s nice to be able to buy some cute things.
I haven’t gotten rid of my old clothes. Part of me is afraid, I will get right back to where I was and the other part of me doesn’t want to waste money on new clothes since I do plan to lose more weight. So I am buying a few things to get by.
I am still struggling to get to the 25 pound mark. The holidays were tough and I wondered off the program a bit and grazed on everything in sight for about a week. Now I am back to try to lose another 20 pounds. My overall goal is to hit my target weight by my daughter’s birthday in June. It’s a long road but I need to do it, not only for me but for my family.
So that is what I have been doing. Oh yeah, I have started to job hunt again. But that is for another blog at another time.