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OMG! They’re coming back…

Pandemonium broke out in our house this morning.  My poor husband was wondering what all the commotion was about.  Last night, Tommy Hobson (AKA: Shout) posted on his Twitter account that the Fresh Beat Band would have a major announcement on Tuesday morning at 7am.  So while I was making Lauren’s lunch for school, I had the iPad out checking Twitter for the big announcement.  At 7:03am, Tommy Hobson posts that the Fresh Beat Band are doing a Fall Tour.  OMG! Of course, I dropped what I was doing to see if they were coming back to the Bay Area.  After scrolling through 3 pages of dates, there it is.  FBB is coming to San Jose and San Francisco.  Whoo hooo.  Lauren and I started to dance and yell out.

Ever since we went to the concert in Cupertino in February, Lauren has been asking almost on a daily basis, when are the Fresh Beats coming back and can we go see them.  I even went so far and looked into tickets for shows in Orlando knowing we could visit the grandparents.  But as many parents have found out, Fresh Beat Band tickets are hard to come by.  I have read several articles that even the creators of the show; Scott Kraft and Nadine van der Velde had a hard time getting tickets.  I figured we were just lucky that we got to see the show in the first place.  But now they are coming back.  Whoo Hoo!

I had a bit of a dilemma. The weekend the Fresh Beat are going to be back in the Bay Area in November, is also the weekend of The Formula One Grand Prix of the USA in Austin, TX.  I am a huge F1 fan and have been trying to convince my husband to get tickets and have us go for my birthday.  Now would I have to choose between F1 and Fresh Beats?  Talking to my husband, he let me know that we are NOT going to Austin for the Grand Prix so now I didn’t need to choose.

For parents, like me who will be burning up the internet trying to get tickets when they go on sale, here are some things you should know.  Here is a link to my revue of February’s concert in Cupertino. The VIP tickets are well worth the price.  You are seated in the first 10 rows of the venue.  You then get to attend an after party where there is cool stuff to do and nice snacks.  The Fresh Beat Dancers come out and teach an 8-16 count of “Great Day” to the kids (and parents.)  The Fresh Beats then come out where they do a meet and greet with each kid.  You get to also take a picture with them.  You also get a really cool poster.  There are no autographs.  So keep that in mind, if you are doing the VIP experience.

I have let Lauren know there is no guarantee that I am going to get tickets when they go on sale.  I will be competing with the thousands of other parents trying to do the same.  I just hope we do.  It’s not just Lauren who really wants to see them again.  I do too.